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In this way, all assets previously owned by these three companies were transferred to SGX. Together they will provide a suite of tools and solutions for companies, which is designed to support listed companies in Asia.

At least one-third of the board members are to be independent directors.

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Relationships between chairman and CEO must be disclosed if they are immediate family members. There will be a proposed 9 year limit on independent directors as a hard limit, or the appointment of independent directors who have served more than nine years to be put to an annual vote requiring approval from majority of all shareholders and majority of non-controlling shareholders, with a transition period of three years to be provided regardless of the option adopted.

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Directors must be submitted for renomination and reappointment at least once every three years. If site- ul de tranzacționare sg are not paid, companies must state the reason.

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The Corporate Governance Council of Singapore is proposing to force a "nine-year rule" that will reassess whether long-serving independent directors of listed companies will qualify as independent after being in that role for so long.

The proposal was made in an effort to encourage companies to refresh and introduce more diversity into their boardrooms.

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The Singapore Exchange is seeking public feedback on whether it should be written into the Listing Rules, and public consultation will close on 15 March. The new link will allow investors to conduct trading of shares in an efficient manner. In addition to trading, the link will cover the clearing and settlement of traded stocks, procedures required for post-trading arrangements.

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Before the launch of the link, cross-border supervisory and enforcement arrangements will be worked upon by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and Securities Commission Malaysia. This would have decreased the number of Singaporean citizens on the board of the combined company and would have given addition seats to Australians. Upon the announcement that the federal government would block the merger, SGX retracted its bid for ASX shares and decided to seek growth opportunities elsewhere.