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Early life[ edit ] Satoshi Tajiri was born on August 28,in Tokyo. Bug", [4] and he wanted to become an entomologist. Tajiri wanted his games to allow children to have the feeling of catching and collecting creatures as he had.

He took his Famicom apart to see how it worked, and won a contest for a video game idea sponsored by Sega. He took make-up classes and eventually earned his high school diploma.

These generations are roughly chronological divisions by release; when an official sequel in the main role-playing game series is released that features new Pokémon, characters, and possibly new gameplay concepts, that sequel is considered the start of a new generation of the franchise.

Satoshi created the Game Freak fanzine to help gamers with winning strategies and lists of easter eggs. The highest selling issue, at more than 10, copies, details how to get a high score in Xevious. He then purchased the requisite hardware for game development.

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Tajiri first conceived the idea of Pokémon in When he thought jocuri video satoshi tajiri the link cable being able to interact with two Game Boys, he envisioned bugs crawling back and forth, recalling his childhood love of bug collecting.

Shigeru Miyamoto began to mentor Tajiri, guiding him during the creation process. In this vein, he designed Pokémon creatures to faint rather than die upon their defeat, as he believed it was unhealthy for children to equate the concept of death with losing a game. For Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreenhe supervised the process from start to finish and approved all the text.

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For this reason, his developmental style closely matches that of Miyamoto.