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binary options rating bf option

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During HackTheZone Challenges 1, the competitors had to solve multiple chained challenges, placed online or in different Geo-Locations from Bucharest. The target name was cleverstyle. The next step in the reconnaissance process is to check the source of the web page.

After running WPScan we can two pieces of information that we can work with: the registration is open and the WordPress version and as you can see this CMS version is pretty old.

Based on the above information we create an account and login. Since the login is successful, we can move forward in finding an exploit with our friend, Google.

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With the help of our old friend we can find an exploit for CVE Since the website is hosted behind Câștiguri suplimentare pasive pe internet network.

The exploitation was achieved with the aid of Metasploit. Once we have a shell the first place to look for juicy things is the home folder of current user.

In the hint. After we decode the base64 we can find a new username and password which we use to login on the WP-Admin web page. Once logged in we can find a discussion between what it seems to be the owner of the site and a hair salon. From there we can extract the flag and the details of our next target.

Following the clues, we prepare our next move, Mona attached a link to a password protected file and lets Sandra now that she will receive the password upon the next salon appointment.

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Called for an appointment. Once arrived in the location, I had to use my social engineering skills to find the password. The employees were instructed if someone asks details about a dog to say the name Caesar and to point at a picture with a dog.

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The name of the dog was a clue that I had to use the Caesar cipher. In order to binary options rating bf option the WIFI network I had to crack the password from the handshake using a wordlist, the most common wordlist from Kali is Rockyou.

After 40 minutes the password was revealed The next step is to find the network hosts with the aid of nmap. I was able to find two hosts.

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The two hosts had ports and open. Using -A parameter in the nmap scan we were able to identify the running applications behind the ports. The Minecraft server was a rabbit hole, no exploits were found but the ES File Explorer was vulnerable.

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Finding an exploit was again easy. The exploit seems to be working.

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With the aid of the exploit we can retrieve the mobile phone files, after a little recon we can find some interesting WAV files, messages from ISS. We use the exploit to get the files. Decoding the files was done with the aid of the hint from the naming, this way we discover the protocol used.

Finding the tools for decoding was again easy.

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As in previous flag, we repeat the recon phase, network scan, host scan and port scan. Based on the port scan we can find that a HTTP port is open.

We perform a directory scanning with Wfuzz and we are able to find a interesting directory. Inside of that directory there was a binary.

In the port scan we could determine that port was accepting connections, this was done with a Telnet request.

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The web folder binary could be the way to exploit the open port, we move on debugging the binary. For debugging we are going to use GDB with the peda extension installed.

As expected, the program asks for an input. We know that the buffer has a fixed size, we will be sending a large string, bytes.

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Alright so we have binary options rating bf option segfault. There are couple different ways. Now we rerun the program with the generated pattern to see where it crashes.

There it is! At bytes we have our offset. Now we can overflow the function at bytes and pass the address of a shell.